Lifestyle and Home Decor Top Tips to Styling Your Home Like a Professional Interior Designer
Top Tips to Styling Your Home Like a Professional Interior Designer

We’ve all seen pictures in the magazines and visited home displays for inspiration and there is no denying it that choosing a design for your space is not easy as it seems. There can be so much to think about which can quickly make you feel a little confused, from the texture of your furniture to the colours on the wall, all aspects have to be cohesive to make it seem right. Let’s look at some of the best tips available to help with making your house feel like a home.

Make a statement with art

Art is very appealing visually and it always makes a bold statement on any wall. There is nothing worse than having an empty space on the wall where it can simply be enhanced by artwork, especially large oversized pieces that draw your attention. In the hallway, above the bed head or an empty space in the lounge room are all key positions to hang a beautiful piece and build your styling upon.

Add depth with texture

Texture can make a room feel warm or fuzzy or natural and inviting, there is texture everywhere around us and bringing these textures into your space can really lift how your feel as your enter. Don’t be afraid to experiment with cushions or throws that are smooth, silky or embroidered, it doesn’t have to be over the top, work out what mood you’d like to create in your home and bring in the texture to compliment.

Bring in the green

Accessorise your space with indoor plants, it not only is cost effective but it can make the space feel more open and gives a sense of freshness. Dress it up with an interesting pot or stylish basket and it can turn the mood in any room instantly. Try hanging a plant from the ceiling, position a variety of small plants on a desk or having a tall fiddle tree in the corner to feel the difference.

Warm it up with a rug

Think about it, your floor is one massive blank canvas at it is dying for some colour. Introduce a textured rug that you can draw colours from. A sofa, coffee table or throw make great opportunities to get inspiration for your rug. Whether it be a shaggy rug, short pile or an interesting cowhide rug, it bring in the warmth to a wonderful crafted space.

Group objects together

When decorating your space, think about where you can group objects together to form a statement. A single vase or candle does little individually but together they can form an appealing statement piece. A great example is lighting a single candle would barely light up the room but a group of candles together can brighten the entire space with attraction.