Lifestyle and Home Decor Moving Tips That Would Make Moving Easy
Moving Tips That Would Make Moving Easy

When you need to move to a new home then packing of household contents is not an easy task. You have to use the proper planning tips to make your move as simple as possible.  The task of finding a new home to move to as difficult as it may be is actually one of the more enjoyable components compared to other items on your huge list of things to do. Although the sound of moving can scare you a little, here are some moving tips that could help improve your moving experience.

1. Sort out contents categorically and pack ahead

 You would want to have some sort of system that simplifies the packing process and also makes it easier to unpack at the other end. Sort your contents according to the room they belong to and label the boxes. All the large pieces of furniture should be listed so your inventory is accurate when being presented to the movers. Don’t forget to pack essentials like blankets, dresses, shoes, bags and also necessities like hand soap, shampoo, toilet papers, sheet towels so they are easily accessed on the first day at your new house.

2. Find a well-known moving company

There are hundreds of the moving companies available locally no matter where you live. A number of Auckland movers are available when moving between New Zealand capital cities so don’t be afraid to compare. It is very easy to search for moving companies on the internet, you can Google to find out well known, qualified, insured and licensed moving companies near your area. Movers understand you are trying to look for the best deal so negotiate with your mover to see if you can save some money.

3. Research moving companies

Before making a final decision to hire a potential moving company you need to conduct research to avoid scams. Get all key information related to the business, number of years in operation, owner of business, registered business numbers, physical address of depots. Also ensure costs are clearly outlined such as extra charges, transportation costs, packing costs, call out rates and return to depot charges. You don’t want to have your belongings held because of any disputes related to unclear charges. Similarly, you can visit their websites and call directly to ask questions like ask about the license, insurance claims, qualification and also credibility.

4. Avoid Food Waste

When you plan to move it makes sense to stop buying food one week before moving date. Organize your meals meticulously so you can consume most of what you have available, give yourself time to defrost freezers because you don’t want the liquid to damage your belongings. If you have more grocery at home then invite your friends and other close ones and have a dinner party.

5. Reduce damage to expensive electronic equipment

The best way to pack expensive computers, flat-screen TVs and monitors is to place them in the original packaging. However, not everyone keeps there original boxes after interior styling so the next best thing is to contact local general stores if they allow using their recycled boxes. These electronic items are very fragile pieces of technology and is expensive to replace so you would want to take extra care here. If you don’t have boxes available, try and use moving blankets and heaps of bubble wrap to protect the items and never stack boxes on top of them.

6. Arrange a parking spot for moving the truck

There is a need to arrange a spot to park the moving truck to avoid any disturbance and save time. If you don’t do this or not purchase any ticket to park, it may end up costing you more. Remember time is money and if movers waste time to find a spot to park their van or truck, ultimately you will be the one covering the costs.